Arduino boards

Get all types of Arduino boards for cheap.


Search for any type of sensor you need for your project.

3D printers

See my collection of 3D printers.


Eg. wires, perfboards, electronic components...


It does matter which tool you use. Check out my collection.


Choose the best option to display data on.


The material you need to print in 3D.

Arduino shields

Useful extensions for Arduino boards.

Arduino UNO

The most popular Arduino board to start prototyping and learning. Check it out!

Smart Home 

Tutorials about creating WIFI connected devices to automate home living


A unique CNC machine. MPCNC stands for mostly printed CNC. 

Arduino boards


Arduino Nano

Also a very popular boar. Commonly used for completed projects. Easy to solder.

Arduino Mega

This board is very powerful and is ideal for big projects!

It is often used in DIY 3d printers.

Arduino Mini

A very small board. As powerful as Nano, but slightly smaller.

Arduino Micro

This board uses an ATmega23U4 chip which has integrated USB. Unique functionality! Nano size.

Arduino Leonardo

This board uses an ATmega23U4 chip which has integrated USB. Unique functionality! UNO size.

Lily pad

One of the smallest Arduino boards.

Arduino starter kits

Kuongshun UNO R3

The best option to get started! A CD with code and circuit diagrams is included!

Kuongshun Mega

The most powerful starter kit with Arduino Mega! A CD with code and schematics is included.

The cheapest kit

Still with many components, but no CD included.

Sensors & modules


Ultrasonic sensor

This is a very popular module which can measure distances. Check out my tutorial to find out more!

Movement sensor

Detects movement. Easy to use and not necessarily with Arduino. Check out my tutorial for more information.

SD card module 

These things are very useful to log data, store information.

Watch my tutorial to figure out how it works.

Temperature and humidity sensor. More precise than DHT 11 version.

DHT 22

Detects flames in 5 directions

Flame sensor

Detects smoke and gas.

Smoke sensor

Relay module 5V

Module consists of 2 relays.

Signal 5V

Relay module 12 V

Module consists of 2 relays.

Signal 12V

Big relay module 5V

Module consists of 4 relays.

Signal 5V

SG 90 servo

A servo motor is very often used with Arduino as it is very powerful for its small size

Stepper motor 

A cheap but nice stepper motor with driver. Great for robots.


Best option for creating a navigation menu!

3D printers & more


One of the cheapest 3d printers. I have been using it and was very satisfied. I also have a review of this machine.

Anet A8

One of the most popular mainboards for DIY 3D printers. Review coming soon!

Ramps 1.4

This is a high quality mainboard which I am using for more than a year!

Anet A8 Mainboard

PLA 1kg

Choose the color on the suppliers website.

PLA 0.25kg

If you need a variety of colors, this offer is for you!

ABS 1kg

Choose the color on the suppliers website.


Useful things


Jumper wires

An easy way to create prototypes. Even more efficient with breadboards!


Great for testing modules and prototyping.


What would you do without them?!

Wire 20 Awg 6m

20 Awg wires in silicon isolation. Available in different colors. 

Wire 20 Awg 5m

20 Awg wires in silicon isolation. Available in different colors.

Wire 22 Awg 20m

22 Awg wires in silicon isolation. Available in red and black.


I use this and am very satisfied. It already contains some flux.

Flux resin

Great for the most common appliances. 

Solder wick

Best way to desolder something quickly!



LCD 1602

Very popular display with 2 rows for 16 characters. This one comes with I²C interface.

LCD 2004

A bigger version of the LCD 1602 display for displaying bigger amount of data.

Nokia 5110

Nice display 48x84 pixels. Easy to use. I used it in my clock project

OLED 128x32

This display works with I²C interface. Blue and white colors available.

OLED 128x64

This display works with I²C interface. White color.

OLED 256x64

This display works with SPI interface. Different colors available.

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